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Special Offer


Up to 20 guests
From AED 4000/hour
Special Offer


Up to 20 guests
From AED 4000/hour


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Prepare for an unparalleled voyage through the waters of Dubai aboard the Sunreef 62 Catamaran. This extraordinary vessel presents an impeccable fusion of opulence, elegance, and performance, ensuring an extraordinary odyssey across the vast expanse of the open seas.

Embark upon the Sunreef 62 Catamaran and become enthralled by its sleek and contemporary design. The expansive interiors exude a warm and inviting ambiance, providing the ideal sanctuary for relaxation and conviviality. Unwind in the plush seating areas or immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring vistas as you glide along the breathtaking Dubai coastline.

With its generous accommodations, the Sunreef 62 Catamaran offers a luxurious and comfortable retreat. The exquisitely appointed cabins guarantee a rejuvenating night’s slumber, while the communal spaces offer the perfect backdrop for gathering with cherished companions.

The outdoor zones of the catamaran are equally enticing, inviting you to recline on the sun-drenched deck, bask in the radiant Dubai sun, and revel in the panoramic views. Plunge into the crystalline depths for an invigorating swim or partake in exhilarating water sports activities.

Sail along the captivating Dubai shoreline, venturing into concealed enclaves, and immersing yourself in the vivacious coastal ambiance. Whether you delight in savoring epicurean delights, luxuriating in the splendor of the Arabian Gulf, or forging indelible memories with your loved ones, the Sunreef 62 Catamaran promises an extraordinary sojourn amidst the waters of Dubai.

Price includes: Yacht rental, licensed captain and crew members , towels, soft beverages,  fuel and all the port fees.

Not included: BBQ catering or Fine dining catering or any alcoholic drinks.

Feel free to bring your own food and drinks on board.

If you’re interested, simply click the “Book Now” button on our website to complete your reservation. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


  • Class


  • Category

    Sailing Yacht

  • Length (L.O.A.)

    62' (19m)

  • Beam

    29' (8,6m)

  • Crew


  • Cabins


  • Charter guest


  • Sleeps overnight


  • Total power


  • Max speed

    25 knots

  • Cruise speed

    23 knots

  • Charter region


  • Minimum rental time

    4 hours

  • SuperCharged Jetski


  • Private Chef


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  • What does the charter price include?

    Our prices cover the yacht rental, fuel costs, all port and docking fees, personnel fees for a licensed captain and crew, as well as towels and soft beverages.

  • What happens after I submit a booking?

    Upon booking, you will receive an automated email instantly. Within 24 hours, you can expect a second email confirming the details of your booking. This allows us ample time to arrange the crew for your cruise. The second email will provide essential information including instructions, parking details, the captain's contact number, and other pertinent information. We kindly ask that you read it attentively to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Can I bring food and drinks aboard?

    Certainly! You have the freedom to bring your own food and drinks onboard. However, we kindly request that you refrain from bringing red wine as it can leave stains on the boat and carpet in the event of a spill.

  • What destinations do you recommend, and how many hours will those cruises take?

    Our most popular cruises are currently the 4-hour Palm, 6-hour Business Bay & Palm , and 8-10 hour Island cruises.

  • How many people can I bring on a yacht?

    The capacity of the yacht depends on its size and specific regulations. Don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements so we can find a suitable option.

  • What is the best time to leave on a trip to World Island?

    We strongly advise departing early, preferably between 7 to 8 a.m. During this time, the ocean tends to be considerably calmer, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable journey for you.