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Why night time is amazing for yachting

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Imagine being cuddled up on your blanket, gazing at the endlessness of Dubai’s night sky, or admiring the city’s spectacular skyline from the ocean. If you thought the stunning beaches and Burj looked stunning during the day, the night scene is even more spectacular.

Dubai is a contemporary city with a rich cultural legacy. In all its splendor, Dubai is incredible at night, especially when seen from a boat. The dazzling night lights highlight the beautiful building. From the deck of your ship, there is no better way to take in their splendor.

Canals in Dubai

The Dubai Canal, an artificial canal with fancy restaurants, cycling lanes, and a waterfall, is stunning. You may now rent a boat around the channel, which is surrounded on both sides by majestic buildings, and experience the city lights dazzling the night sky.

Moon Island is a small island off the coast of

Moon Island, located 70 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, is named for its crescent-shaped moon. The island is famed for its calm and seclusion and is considered a hidden treasure in Dubai. This island provides a respite from the city’s madness. It’s difficult to describe the sensation of water rushing through your feet, your fingers running through the sand, and the wind blowing through your hair.

The Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab

It is a luxurious hotel on an artificial island near Palm Jumeirah Beach, with a private beach connecting it to the mainland. The Burj is the world’s only seven-star hotel. Its design resembles a ship’s sail and is an architectural and visual wonder. There’s no better way to appreciate it than from the deck of a boat.

The gorgeous Palm, a private island noted for its grandeur, tranquillity, and solitude, is the next destination. You may not only admire it from afar, but you can also swim in its pool.

Blue Marlin is a kind of marlin.

This beach club, like the Ibiza culture, provides an unrivaled party experience. The Blue Marlin Dubai Beach Club offers an incredible party experience, from swimming in the calm water to feasting on the most sumptuous delicacies, from swaying to the music to dancing your heart out.


On vacation to Dubai, you cannot pass up the opportunity to visit Oman. And there’s no better way than aboard a boat to accomplish it. The experience is made unreal by the exceptional visual splendor and breathtaking surroundings that can be seen from your sun deck. Rare and colorful tropical species inhabit the ocean waters, making fishing a pleasurable experience. Not to mention the opportunity to go scuba diving and discover the underwater paradise, which is just as magnificent as the view from above.

So, this holiday, make your trip to Dubai memorable by taking a boat tour of the city.