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Is it Now Safe to Charter a Yacht in Ibiza?

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Whether you are a seasoned yacht rental services or are considering taking your first voyage onboard, the coronavirus outbreak has stopped many around the world. However, with the recent announcement that boat rentals will be permitted to resume in Ibiza, you may be torn between concerns about safety, limits, and social distance, among other things. We recognize the circumstances and have put together this advice to determine whether renting a boat rental in Ibiza is currently secure.

Exposure is limited.

You won’t have to interact with the public if you use end-to-end private transportation. If you’re worried about commuting, cabs are a good option because you won’t be in contact with the general population. Thanks to the yacht charter’s flexibility, you can also choose your destination. Avoid busy spots on land favor quiet settings such as the beach or regional hidden gems. Aside from that, the total number of passengers (not including the personnel) should not exceed five.

Onboard Crew is Limited

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, only a small number of crew members remain on board, significantly reducing the risk of infection. Crew members who reside onboard try to keep their interaction to a minimum. They are now being extra cautious and alert, and they are experimenting with various strategies to keep the virus at bay.